Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines are designed to ensure that everyone understands what the TopTrack community is all about. Don't forget that your use of TopTrack is also subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

ARTISTS - Do this:

  • Create, upload and share.
TopTrack enables you to share your music across the web throughout social media. TopTrack is a very unique place where any music can be “discovered” rapidly and by potentially millions of people. The more skilled and dedicated you are at both creating music AND sharing it online… the faster your star can rise! So be creative, be focused, and Rock the social media world!

ARTISTS - Don't do this:

  • Upload things that aren't yours.
Uploading and sharing means you must always be 100% certain that you are the creator of what you're uploading, or have permission from all relevant rights holders. Anyone who uploads other people’s content will have their account suspended or terminated. If you need more information about copyrights, check out our Copyright Information section.
  • Use someone else’s name.
TopTrack user names are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please don’t register accounts in the name of another person, or use someone else’s trademark, even if this is meant as a tribute. If you feel that someone is impersonating you on TopTrack, or is infringing your copyright or trademark, please let us know.

FANS – Do this:

  • Applaud and Share what you like. The more you do this, the higher your Status grows, and the more powerful and influential you will become. Simple.
  • Form or join a Fan Club. This is a great way to connect with others who like your same Favorites, and everyone gets extra applause points for being in a club. It’s a great way to organize and promote the music & artists you like.

EVERYBODY – Do this:

  • Respect others. TopTrack users are a diverse group with many different talents, skills, and goals. That's great, but be respectful and professional to others at all times. Be cool.

EVERYBODY – Don’t do this:

  • Spam. There’s a fine line between enthusiastically sharing music, and spamming. The more you can make your sharing personal and relevant, the less likely you are to be reported for spam. Misrepresenting, or faking your own popularity, or promoting other products or services here can be considered as spam and isn’t welcome on TopTrack.

If you break the rules

We take all of this seriously, and expect you to also. If you break these rules we will take action. If we receive notification from a rights holder that any postings in your account infringes their copyright, or if we believe that your behavior is inappropriate, we will send you a warning and expect immediate correction. If we have to send you warning, we will suspend your account. In the most extreme cases, we may suspend or cancel your account without warning.

Tell us about it

If you feel that someone is infringing your copyright, please let us know. See how to do this in the Copyright Info section. If you want to report any other breaches of these Guidelines or our Terms of Use – including offensive or defamatory comments, trade mark infringement, impersonation, stalking, harassment, breach of privacy or spamming, please let us know directly at:

To Sum It Up

Basically be cool, respect the law, have fun, and pursue your dreams. We’ll do all we can to support you. We want TopTrack to be a quality place where amazing talent and great music is discovered and enjoyed. We are all about giving power to the Artists and their Fans, and sharing this with the world!

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