How to Do this… (strategy)


Tracks that get the most applause by category become celebrated “TopTracks”. To get there, try these 3 things:

  1. Share your tracks with EVERYONE. Social media fans, friends, family, colleagues… everyone! Use Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Whatsapp, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, texting, email, and any other social media connections. The idea is to reach out and start a chain-reaction of social re-sharing that continues to grow on its own.

  2. Encourage everyone to do these 2 things:

    1. Download the free TopTrack app so they can:
    2. Search for you, applaud and share your tracks. The more they do this, the more powerful they will become, and the higher your tracks will go!
  3. Revisit. When you notice that applause growth has slowed or stopped, it’s the perfect time to re-share tracks again. But don’t just repost as before. Say something new and relevant so people don’t feel like you are just spamming them. You can always say: “Thanks to everyone who applauded & shared my track…” This is a great way to stimulate your audience and kick up your score.


The more you applaud and share tracks, the more powerful and influential you can become! Each track ‘s Applause button will light up while playing (about 4 times per play), and taping when lit adds your point to it’s score. The more tracks you share, the more your Applause Power (number of points you give per tap) goes up! The higher your Fan Status goes, the more powerful your tap becomes. You can become a Power Player, a Super Fan, or even a Star Maker!” You can also grow your applause power by forming or joining a Fan Club. Every club you join will also increase your power. Being in a popular fan club can also qualify you to receive special rewards…sometimes directly from the Artists themselves!

A few more ideas for Artists:

  1. Edit for 1 minute Its easy to upload music. You can upload a whole unedited song, but it will only play back the first 60 seconds. It may be awkward to have a long instrumental intro where the vocals begin just as the track ends. Select & edit the sample you want, use fade-ins as appropriate. We provide an automatic 2-second fade-out at the end.

  2. Double-check in the app After uploading each sample track, review levels & tone, and check it on a mobile device to make sure it is what you wanted.

  3. Map out your Social Media strategy TopTrack provides you with direct links to major social networks, and most have their own audiences. Start by sharing your tracks with your social media fan base, personal contacts, immediate friends, and professional connections. Your track links can also be pasted into press releases, blogs, and fan club newsletters. You can always get help from a number of social media professionals in the music field.

  4. Re-sharing is Key The more you share, and fans re-share, the faster your audience grows. Encourage your followers, contacts, colleagues, family, agents, venues, fan clubs, and “friends of the band” to also share your tracks with their contacts. Keep checking your track’s Applause score. If growth slows down, consider expanding your circle of contacts and maybe check out professional social marketing services. This could be very helpful!

  5. Share what you’ve done…but Don’t Spam! There is a fine line between consistently sharing your music to your fans, and turning people off with too many repeated posts of the same tracks. When you re-share a track, say something different and relevant as to why you are sending this again. You can say something like: “…thanks to everyone that recently applauded and shared my track…”. But make it personal

  6. A unique learning laboratory TopTrack gives you a chance to experiment. If you cant decide which version of a song is better, post them both and see how the audience votes! You also can compare your music with others, and you can hear exactly what they post and see their scores. There is little risk to posting for a limited time to test the audience. You can control precisely when it goes live and when you take it down. If your music crosses categories, you can try posting it in several and compare scores. Newest tracks get featured daily, and there is also an “OPEN MIC” category that is a bit of a wildcard. You can post anything there.

  7. Keep on keeping on… The more tracks you post, the more chances you’ll have to see what connects with your audience, and what doesn’t. If the first posting disappoints, it may not be the music but may be the social media strategy… or the other way around. Keep posting until you find the right combinations. This is not a magic bullet, but the right tracks here can go farther and faster than through any other media.

Your global audience awaits…

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