The free TopTrack app gives full access to listen to, share, and applaud all tracks. All accounts are free. A Fan Account lets you build your status and influence by applauding and sharing the tracks you like. An Artist Account comes with a free upload slot to post your own original music. The following additional paid upgrades are available inside their respective accounts:

Fan Upgrades

Fan Club ($0.99)

You can name and set up your own music fan club. We’ll show you other local fans in your area who share your same Favorites, and you can invite them to join your club. The bigger your club gets the more powerful it becomes! To build a bigger group, you can also invite your friends to download TopTrack, share your favorites, and join in the fun! Everyone in your club gets extra applause points, qualifies for special rewards, and can really promote the music and artists you like!

Artist Upgrades

Track Pack ™ (5 track slots for $ 4.99)

Includes 5 additional upload slots so you can upload and promote more of your music! If you delete a track, its track slot goes away. But you may buy as many Track Packs as you wish.

Full Track links ™ (5 links for $4.99)

Includes 5 Full Track links. You can add a link to 5 of your tracks that will take fans to hear the entire song at a separate site like iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, BandCamp, etc. You supply the link, and fans can hear more and possibly buy your music! It’s a great way to promote to your fans. Each link permanently attaches to one track. You may buy as many Full Track link packs as you wish!