What is TopTrack?

It's a new kind of music app. It allows music artists to post original music samples, and share with fans throughout social media! Our special 1-minute format is perfect for easy sharing and re-sharing everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, texting, email, and more...and it’s FREE!

For Fans: It's an Artist Launch Pad

Here is where you can discover the newest artists (and Grammy Winners!), and you can actually play a big role in building their careers! By sharing & applauding tracks in the app, you can push your favorites up to become the TopTracks!

For Artists: It's a Music Launch Pad

You could get more exposure here in a week, then through years of playing gigs. All you have to do is upload a track and start sharing. The more you share, and fans re-share, the more fans will discover you. All music styles work. And you keep control over what you post and when. There is no exclusive contract to sign, and you always own your work. We don’t sell your music, but we can sure help it be discovered!

Record Labels & Reps

Mobile social media is where the audience is, and we can help you too. Contact us at info@toptrackartist.com

Artists say:

TopTrack has allowed my music to instantly reach a global fan base I wouldn't have considered achievable so quickly with such a user friendly format. The app works hand-in-glove with all my social media channels and, put simply, it works for artists and for music lovers alike.

Shaun Kelly
TopTrack Artist

A unique platform for artists to get their music out to a wide net of music lovers, industry reps, and fellow musicians.

Abby & The Myth
TopTrack Artist

TopTrack leads the way in the new frontier of music outlets, platforms, & social media tools for artists & bands to gain insight to their music. As a recording & full time touring artist (in addition to being in the business & working on the business side for 16 years), for the first time I’ve been able to get insightful stats for tracks, in addition to just charted music & getting connected to fan feedback. Never before have I seen this kind of insight accessible to indie & unsigned artists & bands! It's like a Purevolume meets Radio / Single testing in addition to being able to widen your audience. TopTrack is advanced, smart, valuable, and an asset to artists who are building their own careers & acting out the roll of label / self release, self management & self branding!

Vanessa Silberman
TopTrack Artist